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Sandy Jacobs-Tolle
Sandy Jacobs-Tolle
San Jose, United States


Artist and illustrator. My work is featured in:
The Book of Seasons: Solstices
The Uncaged Anthology, Vols. 3 and 4
Character designs for the Masks and Mysteries pulp fiction series:
Paintings for Katanas & Trenchcoats, by Ryan Macklin
Threadbare RPG by Stephanie Bryant
Circle of Hands, an RPG from Adept Press
Choice of Games online interactive fiction (Steam, Google Play, iTunes): full color cover paintings and associated web button art for 'Choice of Kung Fu' and 'Choice of the Ninja'
Slaughtergrid, Obscene Snake Religion, and Exhumed Errata art (line drawings and b/w paintings) for Rafael Chandler's OSR horror games and supplements
Character designs for Nathaniel Cole's Motobushido RPG
Paintings and spot illustrations for L.A.R.P.S.: Live Action Role Playing System book

Price menu:

$20-30 gets you B/W inks or tonal pencils of a single simple subject (weapon/armor/animal/portrait head or bust)
$35-50: full-body character in color flats, some weapons and gear OK, no mech or accompanying figures
$60-80: multi-subject portrait busts, color animals/monsters, single full-body character in color, full-paints, some gear
(basically, you say what you want and we start the conversation on how complex it has to be)
Starting at $75: very detailed inking or color full-paint single subject, weapons, gear, magic effects, etc, maybe some simple BG
$100-250: black and white full page painting, background inclusive (the winged man over the ocean, the picture of the man using his own bones as a crossbow, etc.)
$300-700 Full color, full page (8.5x11 or larger), multi-subject, anything goes-- usually with a side order of logo and web button/banner design. This is the rate for Choice of Games work I've illustrated.

This is VERY negotiable. This is not my fulltime job, so I can afford to give discounts. Deadlines also help set the price. If you want it in a hurry, I charge more. If you aren't in a hurry, I charge less. At the very least, I work cheap-for-San-Jose hourly ($18) plus administrative incidentals (do I need to spend time on research for the work, etc.) averaging about $20-30 per hour.


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